Help! What bag did I buy at Harrods?

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  1. Ok........I need help please!!!! I just got back from London and purchased my first Balenciaga at Harrods. When I got back to our Hotel I noticed that two of the gold gold hardware were loose. I went back to Harrods (it was crazy)
    and the lady brought me our another bag from the back. My husband was in a big hurry and I did not think to look that it was the same bag! She did some switching of tags, etc. and we were on our way. Now that I am home I am noticing all the different sizes, etc. on tpf. My inside tag (of the one I have at home now) says:
    It is all leather......
    However the receipt I have says I bought a Giant Part time w/ gold hardware.
    It was 990 pounds (london)

    Can anyone tell me if I got the bag I paid for? So some reason it seems like the one I returned was bigger. I am going nuts trying to figure this out and time is limited since I am back home now and need to contact them if they did this wrong! Thanks.....[​IMG]
  2. You have an Amethyste Part Time with giant gold hardware. Yumm! Unless the one you returned didn't have a long strap on it, it couldn't have been any bigger than this one.
  3. Thanks so much! That is what I paid for! This is my first Balenciaga and I am just learning all the styles, etc. I am in LOVE with the bag. The leather is out of this world!
    This is the one I returned..............Just had second thoughts on it all because my husband was in SUCH a hurry and I usually do not shop that fast! Thanks!
  4. Congrats on your lovely bbag, and so glad you actually went home with the same style as you first bought!

  5. Thanks Kat! I am so excited about my first bbag. Have been an avid Rebecca Minkoff I am hooked on Balenciaga! The leather is beautiful! I too am happy I was given the the right bag in the exchange!
  6. Your got yourself a GORGEOUS GGH Amethyst PT, CONGRATS!!!
  7. YES! that is definitely a Part Time GGH!! gorgeous, super gorgeous! what a nice color! relax and enjoy it!
  8. Yep you definitely have the GGH Part Time and what a beauty!
    Congrats!! xxx
  9. congrats on your gorgeous PT!!
  10. Lovely Part-Time, congrats!!
  11. A beautiful GGH Part Time Amethyste Bal!! Enjoy! :okay:
  12. That's a gorgeous Amethyst Part Time!!! Congrats on your first Bbag:tup:
  13. Congrats.:yahoo: PT is TDF.:tup:
  14. Excellent choice! I love the PT; I have it in Grenat and it is one of my favorite bags (even though I rarely carry it; I am just happy looking at it!).
  15. Congrats on your first bbag!!