HELP!! What are these Prada platforms??

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  1. I am in LOVE LOVE with these Prada platforms! But I can't find them anywhere! Does anybody know what season/ style they are called? Help me please!!

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  2. those are hot... i'm guessing they're fall or resort, maybe from a couple years ago?

    wish i knew more, i just got into prada heels myself recently.
  3. they were from 2-3 years ago i believe ( cant remember exactly ) and came in several different styles :smile: Your best bet is ebay
  4. I know what season they're from cos I have them...he...he..:biggrin:.

    They are from Fall 2009. I got them from Nordstrom. They are amazing. I called them Prada Art Deco Platform Sandals cos the vamp looks a bit like art deco style. They are very very tall though.

    Here are some pics, more modeling pics up on my blog.


  5. LOL ^ i read your blog alot ;) LOVE those shoes !
  6. oh I loved these when they came out! I regret not buying a pair :sad:
  7. wow these shoes are gorgeous :love:
  8. GORGEOUS shoes!!!! OP try and ebay....good luck in your search!!
  9. love them!! :heart:
  10. Yep I agree, if they are from 2009 you might strike lucky on Yoox. If we see any on ebay we will be sure to let you know - they are gorgeous :biggrin:
  11. I got lucky and found got them on ebay! thanks for your help! :smile:
  12. ^^oh, congrats!!
  13. yay OP, glad you found them so quickly