Help - What are the quilted cotton pasley bags called that everyones carrying?

  1. I dont know if there is a brand name, if lots of people sell them. I cant describe then other than they come in every size and print imaginable, the look sort of like sewing bags and they look as if someplace like L'occitane would sell them. Anybody know what theyre called or where I can buy one?
  2. Yes! Thats it! Is that the only brand to get? There are so many good ones to choose from. Thanks a bunch!
  3. I know that some Hallmark stores sell them and that there are "off" brands that you can pick up at Marshall's or TJMaxx for less. Not sure how much less because I've never shopped for them before, but I do know that VB has said that no retailer can show pics of their bags online. You have to go to the VB website to see the different styles. Brownson5th carrries them, but they direct you to the VB website to look at the different prints/styles. HTH.

  4. crabtree and evelyn stores carry vera bradley bags.
  5. Marshall's/TJMaxx carries a Vera Bradley lookalike brand called Shariff. The bags sell for about $10-$15.

    You can find both Shariff and Vera Bradley bags on eBay. In fact there are often lots of both brands on eBay, but they seem to sell for more than they do in the stores.
  6. My daughter has a bunch of her stuss, luggage and everything. She has ordered hers from their website. It shows all the patterns and what will be discontinued. Just search vera bradly. Good luck!
  7. I seen Vera Bradley inspired bags at Kohl's too. Also, those Carol Wright Gifts catalogs carry VB-inspired bags.
  8. If you have a Petitti Garden Center near you, they also carry them.
  9. Everyone carries one of those on my campus, it's ridiculous. I think it's a requirement for every sorority girl to buy one.
  10. There are knockoffs everywhere, which is kinda funny because they aren't really that expensive to begin with. If you go on the Vera Bradley website you can find local stores in your area that sell Vera. It's sold at some Hallmarks and little gift shops that sell knickknacks and things like that.

  11. Yes, it is in our national bylaws that upon joining a sorority, you must purchase a VB in an acceptable color and style. Forgive us. :rolleyes:

    Like many others have said Vera Bradley is the actual brand and others are just "inspired". There is a store locator on the site so you can find a store near you that sells them. If you don't see a pattern you like, check out the retired colors section and you may be able to find some of those on eBay. I love the new Mod Floral Pink! :woohoo:
  12. Um...that was just a light-hearted observation on the popularity of this bag, please don't take it seriously (or personally!). Sorry if it offended you.
  13. are the Vera bags really that popular? I haven't seen as many as I would think after reading the posts above...
  14. I think it completely depends on where you're at. I can't go anywhere on my campus or small college town without seeing one. I think that may be because they're a pretty alternative to backpacks. But when I go to the large city about an hour and a half away their numbers are drastically reduced.