Help!! Weird Looking Chanel Chain Straps

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  1. HI All,

    There is one thing i realised regarding my new chanel flap purchased from a Chanel Boutique, the leather straps inside the chain is not continuos. On one part of the chain, there is a gap in the middle. THen the next part of the chain, the leather will start again. is this normal? thanks all. Im a chanel newbie.
  2. Here is the picture...Thanks

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  3. I believe there is a past post about this. If I remember correctly, it is ok. If I can find the thread, I will post it.

  4. ^^^^^ I remember that discussion/debate also. I ended up looking at some bags on ebay to check out the chains on auctions of reputable sellers, since this was new to me. I did see a few chains that did look like yours. Your fine!
  5. THank you Laurel and Michele. i was really anxious about the chain looking like girls are the best!! PF rocks!!!
  6. I bet there's a reason that the leather is not continuous. This seems like a thought out process to not put too much stress on a single piece of leather.
  7. Yep! It's normal. There is nothing wrong with your bag. It's just the way they're made.
  8. I just put this info in the wrong place. I found the thread. Look on May 11th post number 10, by Michelle.

    I also quoted it in the authenticate section. I got lost somewhere in my search:shrugs:
  9. Yes, it is normal. I have that same "gap" in the chain of my classic 2.55 caviar flap.
  10. THanks for your help laurel. Im sure there is nothing to worry about with the Gap in the strap since few more PFers have this "thing" with the strap... :smile:

    Im so happy now...