Help! We want Coach

  1. My friend and I wanted to have some shoes and bags delivered here from Coach online. We live at the Cayman Islands. How do we go about this? Do Coach have international delivery? Can you give us some pointers on how to save on shipment and custom duties? This is so frustrating! We need coach now! :crybaby:
  2. Gosh I have no idea. But I'm sooooo jealous that you live in CI. MY FAVORITE PLACE ON THIS EARTH!!!
    7MB, meat patties, Cracked Conch,......oh lucky you!
  3. Coach will only deliver in the US, sorry. You also require a US credit card.
  4. my best suggestion would be to find an eBay seller who will deliver to the cayman islands
  5. Looks like postage to CI from the states for a 3lb. package would be about $25.00.