***HELP** WC Papillon OWNERS!!!

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  1. Hi,
    Can someone that owns a WC Papillon weigh their purse?? I purchased one on ebay, it came today, but I refused delivery. The seller used a USPS priority flat rate box to mail it (I have a similar size box that weighs 6 oz), and I weighed her package in front of the Postman and it only weighs 8.4 oz (box and whatever's inside). There's no way that purse only weighs 2.4 oz is there??
    Perhaps a MC 30 Papillon weight would do to??

  2. Why didn't you open it to see what's inside? If it's in fact the Papillon, won't it just get back to the seller and you'll have to pay shipping all over again?
  3. I'm at work without the bag but I do know that it is ultra light....I don't know what else to say.
  4. wow something is off, what is the auction number to the item you won? The purse is very light but should weight more than 2.4 oz.
  5. By the way, I have a Papillon 26 and yes, it's super light. Not sure if it should be more than 8.4 oz though. I know it's not the WC but it's similar. I'm Canadian and I had to convert 8.4 oz to grams, which is around 240 grams. The box may be lighter than you expect...
  6. I would see if you can get the box back and open it. You won't know until you look in the box.
  7. You should have opened it before returning it.

    My WC Papillon is incredibly light. I will weigh it later for you.
  8. I own a mono papillion (not WC), and it barely weighs anything.

  9. What exactly are you thinking the seller did? Sent you an empty box?
  10. I think you should have opened, to have proof of what it was..
  11. ^^ I agree.... should of opened it and see what was inside
  12. The Watercolor Papillon is a lightweight bag.

    When you say "MC Papillon"...what do you mean? Are you referring to the "Multicolore" line?

    IF there's any way to get the package back, you should open it. I would think you'll have to pay shipping again if you want the seller to send you the bag, again.

  13. Couldn't weigh my WC Papillon on a regular scale because it was so light. Sorry. Was the seller just sending the bag or the box as well? If she was sending the LV box as well I would understand your concern. Still think you should've opened the box before returning it. Anyway... good luck. Hope you're able to get the Papillon back.
  14. I didn't open it because I don't want her to say that she in fact did put the purse in the box, and that I am trying to rip her off. I don't think there's any way that the purse with the zipper hardware would only weigh 2.4 ounces. My empty mini Coach wallet weighs 3.4 ounces. A regular dinner fork is 1 ounce. Something is off... Can someone weigh their 30 Papillon?
  15. OK, hubby just came back from LV with my new Monogram Pochette wallet.. that wallet weighs 6.2 ounces.