HELP -Ways to wear this Rebecca Taylor top!

  1. I LOVE this blouse - I bought it about two months ago, but really don't know what else to wear with it except with jeans and maybe a pair of johnson shorts for the spring/summer.

    Even with jeans -it just seems really blah.. I tried tucking it in and adding a belt and it just didn't look right.... Help!

    Need other creative ways to dress this up or down....
  2. I am eying a top similar to this one, but a tad longer. I think it woud look cute in the middle of the summer with some shorts, wedges, and some accessories, like gypsie-bracelets and huge sunglasses, and of course a cute bag!
  3. I find with these tops that if you love more defined/fitted items the "flowing" tops maybe won't suit you. I am in your boat...I have tried them on and think they are so cute on the hanger as well as other people, but they don't suit me because I just like that fitted look. If you are struggling with what to do with it you may want to consider taking it back or try a longer necklace that is either a little chunky or has a larger pendant (it may give it that something you think is missing). JMO.
  4. That top is just my style. I think wearing it with jeans and red heels would look awesome. And with some simple jewlery too. Maybe turquoise or mother or pearl. I'd keep it simple and wouldn't tuck it in either . It's cut to be worn full and loose.

    You could also try wearing a leotard or really tight fitting long sleeved top underneath it to give it a layered look. But I think the key is to have the first layer be really body-hugging.
  5. i think it would look really nice with dark skinny denim, or some light blue distressed denim for a more "relaxed" look. very cute top btw!!
  6. I think it'll look adorable with skinny jeans, boots, and multiple "chunkier" necklaces, for lack of a better word!
  7. I think that shirt is really, really cute!! I would wear it with jeans, or long linen pants (I have a really great pair of Juicy linen pants from last summer that I'm picturing) or capris or bermuda length shorts.
  8. Love that top! I live in California, so that's exactly the type of top I like to wear on weekends. Like leelee said, besides the gypsy-sandals-and-beads look, you could also wear it with a dark fitted top underneath (maybe black with black pants; navy with dark jeans) for a cool-weather look.

    You could also wear it with a skirt or jeans/shorts and a belt--just don't tuck it in, and use a hip-hugging belt rather than a waist-hugging one (in chain, leather, or woven), like this:
  9. You can wear these with khaki Bermuda shorts and jeweled flip flops or wedges. I would personally wear these with dark skinny denim, black patent CL Very Prives or CL wine patent Rolandos. Turquoise jewelry or maybe some wooden jewelry would look cute with it.
  10. Thanks for the great ideas everyone!!!! Love the skinny jeans idea - didn't even think about wearing it with dark skinny jeans with it -wore it with my William Rast trouser jeans, which was okay, not great though... Definitely a good idea on the jewelry too! Thanks!!!