HELP! Ways to wear a long pearl necklace!

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    I got a 100 inch black cultured pearl necklace today that is all individually knotted but it does not have a clasp since it is so long.


    Does anyone know of other good ways to wear a pearl necklace this long?

    Are there any sites with pics that would show me the many ways I could wear this?

    I really need help with styling this long necklace. Every way I tried so far just ends up look strange on me.

    Thanks for the advice! :yes:
  2. No one on this sub forum has any ideas or suggestions???
  3. Pearls are extremely dressy especially the black pearls you have. Where did you get it from by the way?

    I would wear it with a plain colored dressy top, preferably high neck and another color other than black and a skirt or dressy pants with heels. I wouldn't recommend them with jeans especially the black pearls you have.

    But that's my opinion.
  4. I love taking long pearls and pairing them with menswear inspired clothes. Those are beautiful!

    You can wear it long and tie a knot halfway down.

    You can wear it lariat style where you take the necklace and wrap it around your neck (instead of putting it over your head) and then loop one end through the other - the way you would a scarf.

    If you want a more casual, funky look, pair it with a metal necklace - gold or silver for a layered look.

    I wear long pearls with a menswear vest and t shirt. A menswear button down oxford and a cute fedora. I also wear them with t shirts and jeans, tunics, dresses......Anything.
  5. Wrap them! I love the look of long pearls... very flapper-ish and ladylike. Pearls are quite versatile and you can instantly dress up any outfit with them and give yourself a more polished look. Jeans with simple tops... even. Just no graphic print tshirts and you should be fine.
  6. I like tying a knot. It helps the strands stay in place and feels like it gives the necklace more weight/stability.
  7. i think these would look great layered with jeans a simple white t shirt if you want a more casual look
  8. I love your necklace.:heart: Sooo pretty! I got one similar to yours last week. Mine is 75 inches. I love the long length. So many ways to wear it. You can wear it in tiers, 2,3 & 4. Also around the neck & 2 strands hanging down. I like to wear mine around my neck & then tie a knot. I think it can be worn 10-12 or maybe even more different ways. I think the longer they are the more versatile they become.
  9. I love your necklace! I have some long necklaces and I wear them tiered --- 2 tiers closer to my neck and one long tier.
  10. This is beauitful! Where did you get it? And if you don't mind to PM how much?
  11. you can wear it as a bracelet!!
  12. I matched mine with crystal studded brooches(in between pearls) and decorate the necklace with satin/velvet ribbons(tied it into a bow).... :smile: