HELP-Water under my watch face!!!

  1. i went my mother my diamond coach watch for a trip she was going on, since she didn't have one on hand and apparently she was in the bath with the watch, resulting in water droplets under the watchface----is there anything i can do about this? :wtf:
  2. call coach about it and see what they can do. you bought it from coach right? if they cannot do anything about it, take it to a watch store or call around and ask what to do.
  3. It would have to be taken apart to ensure that it is fully dry and doesn't damage the face (part where the numbers are printed on it). Take it to Coach or a watchmaker to do this.
  4. thanks ladies! i took it to tourneau today, and the man told me it would cost approximately $200 :wtf:. i think i'm going to take it elsewhere for a second opinion. coach told me they have a 2 year warranty on their items, and after that it's pretty much up t me :crybaby:.
  5. Hopefully you can get it done cheaper than $200. That seems like a lot!
  6. i know!! i'm sure my face was like :wtf::wtf:. the watch itself only cost around $700...if it were a rolex i'd feel differently, but somehow i think that my local jeweler would do just as good a job for less than that amount ;).
  7. Get it opened, and drying out as soon as possiable......water can damage your movement (i.e. circurt, coil ) faster than damaging your dial or hands (although that can get damaged too, it just takes longer)......the quote you got from Tourneau was most likely a "full service" quote that basicly (and I assume that your Coach is quartz/battery)...chunking the old movement and putting in another...(thats what they useualy do instead of repairing the existing movement).....water damage is not covered by your warranty also, they can pressure test your seals on your watch to see if they failed, or that the crown was left open......most of the time the seals are fine and your screwed.......just a little heads up for ya.....
  8. I've worked in watch shop when I was younger, and when someone comes in with this kinda of problem, the quick easiet way is to run a lighter behind the bezel. The water will just disappear.
  9. ^^whoa, i think i'd be afraid to do that. i'd like to see the watch smith do that instead so if anything happened, i wouldn't feel that bad. but it would be cool to see if somebody else had done that method.
    tourneau sounds like it would be so expensive to get it fixed. i think it's just how all retail shops make their money. yeah, try looking around to see what you could get for a better deal. try looking for referrals from some people.
  10. It will dry on its own.
  11. thank u everybody for the suggestions/commentary! :tup: i'm a little afraid to try the lighter trick, only because i'm very very clumsy and i'd probably melt my watch into a lump of molten steel :wtf:. i'm hoping it will dry on its own, since i haven't had time to make it to the jewelers-it's been a little less than a week and the water droplet does seem to have shrunk a bit

    on a side note, i thought to myself, let me dry a blow-dryer instead of a lighter :tdown: and then let me touch my watch like 2 seconds later :cursing:...not the best idea :sweatdrop: