Help!! Was this bag ever made.

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  1. Hello everyone I need alittle help, I just love this bag I think it looks very pretty but I dont know if Chanel ever made this design. Can anyone please help me. Thanks in advance guys. :tup:

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  2. May I ask where you got the pics? I think it's supposed to be bubble quilt flap in jersey... I say "supposed to be" because I'm not sure of its authenticity. Or perhaps it's simple as pics are not clear.
  3. Here are pics I got from the reference thread...


  4. I got the from Craiglist some one is selling it and I just LOOOVE IT.... i think its sooo pretty but i do not want to buy a fake. I hope its real. I just email the seller hope fully she can provide me with more pics, even the inside.
  5. Please post your question on the Authenticate this Chanel thread at the top of the shopping section when you get the pictures. Pictures of the back of the closure, the Chanel Made In interior tag, hologram sticker and authenticity card will be needed.
  6. I guess it could just be the bubbles have flattened out after use. Make sure to post pics in the authenticity thread and ask the ladies there to help ya.
  7. Thanks guys. You Rock!!!! :tup::tup::tup::tup: