Help....was I overcharged for my classic flap?

  1. I don't want to jump the gun..bought I got a White Caviar Classic Flap in June of this year and I paid $2295 before tax.

    As I was going thru other threads, it seems like I paid more for mine. I don't know what size it is :shame: and Im at work now so I can't measure it. As soon as I get home, I will.

    Was there a price increase before my purchase? Did anyone purchase a Caviar Classic Flap around June '07? Please help.:confused1:
  2. I didn't buy mine in June, but I remember seeing them, well the black for 2250.00 and thats what I paid for mine before the price increase, so It seems like you did, if you got the jumbo... Not sure though.... Weird.
  3. It sounds like you got a white hybrid flap and not the classic flap? Does it have a rectangular lock? Those were priced higher than the classic with with CC lock.
  4. Hmm... do you have the medium soft caviar flap with the MM lock in white? I have that bag, and it was $2225 before tax. :smile: The regular medium sized white caviar flap with the cc logo was $1995 at that time, and the Jumbo was $2250. :smile:
  5. Okay, so I found a pic of my flap... is this the one you have? :smile:
    White soft caviar medium flap!.jpg
  6. No its definitely the classic. Chain/Woven leather strap and CC closure. Only one flap. I really don't think I have the Jumbo.

    Gosh, this is really bugging me. Now its gonna be the first thing I do when I get home. Kiss my husband and run upstairs w/a tape measure. Caviar is the textured/pebbly leather right? The receipts at home too.

    Maybe I do have a jumbo and just don't realize it. I will feel so dumb if I do. Told ya'll I haven't used the purse yet.:girlsigh:
  7. If you have only one flap, you must have the Jumbo. :smile: The only other possibility is the E/W, which is the same size as the bag I posted, but not as tall. The Jumbo white caviar classic flap should have retailed for $2250 pre-price increase, so if that is in fact the bag you have, I'm not sure where the additional $45 came from. :confused1: Let us know what happens! :heart:

  8. Thanks FF. So it seems like I do have a jumbo. :shame:

    I will still go home and measure and check my receipt. It probably is $2250 and Im just tripping.
  9. If its only one flap then its the jumbo. The east west would be NOWHERE near that price.
  10. sounds weird.....did you check yet?
  11. Must be the jumbo, although I just bought my white one two days before the increase and it was only $2,250.

    Did you buy yours from a department store?
  12. Im such a dummy. Sorry, must be pregnancy brain. The other day I asked my husband for ice cream flavored ice cream...LOL!

    Anyway, I got home and checked my receipt and it was $2250. Then I went to measure it. Its bigger than I remembered....but maybe I just didn't believe I had a Jumbo, b/c when I think of something "jumbo" sized, I just imagine something ALOT BIGGER than my flap. The measurements are 12x8x3.5

    So I think I jumped the gun. Everything is fine. I also checked the label and it says Made in France. Is that how I know its "old" caviar and not the "new" caviar?
  13. Here are some pics I just snapped. Is the price of the Jumbo really going up to $2650?
    Chanel Classic Flap.JPG Chanel Classic Flap1.JPG
  14. ^I don't get it, your tag says $2,250? That's how much I paid for the exact same white jumbo classic in caviar leather.

    **edit, just read your other post** Yup that's definitely the jumbo. hehe. I just bought mine less than two weeks ago but mine's made in Italy.
  15. Made in Italy= 'new' caviar
    Made in France = 'old' caviar?