Help! Wapity in MC white or black?

  1. I'm planning to buy a wapity...i love the white MC but I'm sooo afraid it will be a "dirty wapity" :P after a few months... should I settle for the black MC? Or is wapity available in other leather that I don't know about, aside from monogram?
  2. I vote for white!
    It's so adorable, I think it's worth the risk of getting dirty.
    And I believe it only comes in MC and mono.
  3. Mariz - i was in the same boat as you not too long ago! I'm planning to get a MC Black Wapity NOW (lets hope i dont change my mind when i actually get to the LV Store)... BUT all the Wapitys are SO cute... so YES its really hard to decide which one to get!!!

    good luck with what you decide!!!! :smile:
  4. White white white!!!
  5. Hi helenNZ. What made you decide to go for the black one?
  6. I'd say go for the white.
  7. White !
  8. I vote for the white :heart:
  9. Even though there is a possibility of dirtiness with white, I say go for it. It was my favorite of the three.
  10. I've had my white for 2 weeks now and i still haven't used it for fear of patina and dirt!!! lol.
  11. I'm a dirt freak, so I'd probably end up with the black.
  12. I think white is the cutest, especially for summer!
  13. :blink:
  14. The white is really cute for summer, even though I'm in favor of the black, I'll say white since it's summer time.
  15. i have one in white...even i have it in my black parada bag still looks good in it...
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