HELP! Wanting to buy my first STAM bag...

  1. Hi everyone! I've never stepped into the Marc Jacobs bag world except when buying Louis Vuitton. I saw the Light Petrol patchwork stam bag and head over heels....HARD!! I cannot even sleep, so I had to make a new thread to the light petrol color as gorgeous as it is in this photo?


    OR...would the patchwork bag look better in bronze? (Does it look very dark bronze IRL or more of a silvery/platinum bronze like in the photo?)


    I've never seen an MJ bag IRL so I wouldn't know, but all you stam experts please help! I really cannot stop obsessing about them! Which bag do you think will be a bigger statement AND will look good in a few years? Hehe okay I know one is bright teal and the other is metallic..probably won't be THAT trendy in the next few years, but relative to one another, which would be the trendiest still? Thanks soooo much for everyone's input :biggrin:
  2. The metallic bronze is gorgeous!! Unfortunately the color rubs off over time leaving plain cream leather behind. For that reason alone I vote for the light petrol patchwork Stam. Good luck with your decision!
  3. Hi bee-licious. You certainly wont be dissapointed with your first MJ. I agree with Melly. I have the bronze stam in the quilted leather and there is some rubbing off of the metallic color in places of high wear, so in the long run you'll probably be happier with the teal color which btw is gorgeous. Keep us posted!
  4. i like the petrol stam better. it's definitely attention-grabbing, and the color goes well with the gold hardware more so than the bronze patchwork does.
  5. I love the petrol! You'd be surprised how well a bright color matches everything in your closet :tup:
  6. petrol! it's gorgeous!!
  7. The petrol is my favorite!
  8. im agreeing with every one else - i like the petrol. its def. an attention getter!
  9. go with the petrol and if you call Neimans , or Nordies you may be able to get it off for 30% -40% right now, i still think there are some on sale
  10. eeeek...thanks for everyone's input :biggrin: you guys are GREAT!! i was thinking of buying from since they are also having a sale. Their price for the light petrol (seems gorgeous and TDF btw) is $1085

    Is that cheaper than Nordies? Hah, I'm from Canada so I wouldn't mind driving across the border just to save a few bucks, since shopbop has ridiculous shipping prices to Canada!! Anyhow, once again thanks for everyone's input!! I'm in love with the stam now :biggrin:
  11. Hmm..okay, I KNOW the light petrol color is gorgeous, but I'm kind of considering the grey....


    what do you guys think of this versus the light petrol?
  12. Oooh I love the grey quilted! :love: I think it's a bit more classic than the light petrol but not as eye catching. I guess it depends on what matters to you more.

    I don't believe Nordstrom carried the light petrol Stam (only NM and possibly Saks). It doesn't matter if you buy from Shopbop or NM though, they both have the same 30% off. I guess it would be cheaper for you to run across the border to NM to grab one. Good luck!
  13. well, if it's between the patchwork petrol and the grey quilted, i would choose the grey anyday. i love love love the color and i prefer quilted stams to the trendier patchwork.
  14. grey quilted. it's sooo pretty and very classic. sometimes it can even pass for a shade of brown.