Help: Wanting to buy my first Balenciaga!

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  1. Hi! I've been browsing Purse Forum for a year or so, and I finally signed up! :biggrin:

    I am looking into buying my first Balenciaga handbag! :yahoo: I've been wanting the Giant Work for a good while now... But friends have told me it's "too big". I am one of those ladies who carries everything with them! I am looking for a black bag with gold hardware. I also like the Giant City because it comes with the long straps! I just can't decide on which one to purchase. I haven't been to the Balenciaga boutique in LA, yet... That's where I'd like to purchase my bag unless I can find a good price for a gently used bag!

    Please, suggest ladies! Styles, online websites, anything!

    Thank you!

    PS. What is HG?

  2. Hi and welcome. HG is Holy Grail - aka something totally coveted. HG's vary from member to member.

    Perhaps you should try the bags on in the store irl first before you buy. If you want the black ggh, you'd better move on it since ggh might be discontinued soon so those that are left, will be either gently used and/or on resale sites and might be a bit pricey.

    There is a ton of good info on this forum, just search around. I'm thinkin the reference library might give you a good time!
  3. If you like a long strap you might want to look at the Velo. I saw one IRL last week and the strap is very long and the shape was great. Don't know if they will come in GGH. I do have a GGH black work and I absolutely love it. I can put lots in it and it's not heavy. Let us know what you decide. :biggrin:
  4. Thank you ladies! I am planning on going to the Balenciaga flagship store tomorrow, so excited. I am going to go check out the bags. I also love the "Black City", it has my name written all over it. But I love the "Giant Work" style. We'll see and I'll post once I make my first purcahse! :amuse:

    LuvPrada, I LOVE THE VELO! I am going to search for that style... Wish I can see it in person before but it's big and it has the straps! Thank you!