Help! Wanting Chanel Brooklyn Tote

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  1. I know this bag is from 2007 but I am still kicking myself for not getting it then. Any ideas where I can find it? I travel alot and I'm always wanting a cool tote with me. I'm leary of ebay and wondering if there are other options for getting pre-owned bags?
  2. Hi there! You can also try To be perfectly honest, EBAY is not bad. I have purchased 2 Chanel bags from EBay sellers and have been 100000% delighted! I was leary of EBay until I did my research on the bag I was interested in, had it authenticated by the ladies in this forum to put my mind at ease and checked the seller's feedback... HTH good luck! :flowers:
  3. they used to have this bag at woodbury commons (NY) at the outlet...i've seen it a lot on ebay too, for decent prices