Help wanted with silly dilemma!!

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  1. A good friend of mine just got engaged after almost 10 years with her BF. He surprised her with a ring that he picked out ( a cluster of tiny diamonds in a flower shape ring from a chain store jeweler, not really her taste, even though she hinted for years she wanted a princess cut solitaire for an e-ring). Anyway my dilemma is this... My DH and I recently celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and he surprised me with a sizeable rock from tiffany and co ( he knows I always wished for one but we could never afford it 'til now). Would it be wrong for me to wear my new ring to my friends engagement party? (she hasnt seen it yet). I don't wanna be flashing my new ring around when it's her special day, even though my DH is feeling quite proud and wants me to show it off to our friends. I would value my fellow TPF'ers opinions on this silly dilemma of mine! :confused1:
  2. I would leave yours at home. She might not think anything of it, but I wouldn't want to take a chance since an engagement is (with any luck) a once-and-done deal. It's very sweet of you to even think of it. Many people wouldn't.
  3. Congratulations on your new ring - what a lovely surprise & so sweet of your husband! You'll have plenty of time to show off your ring to your friends - it's yours! It's kind of you to think of leaving your ring at home for your friend's engagement party & it is the nice thing to do - especially as your ring is new.

    Your friend didn't get the engagement ring she wanted & I'm sure she'd feel sad (whether she'd show it or not) if everyone was ooohing & aaahing over your new ring. It's her party - she should be the center of it.
  4. You're a great friend for realizing that this could be a potential problem, so I'd follow your initial gut and leave the ring at home just for this one event. You'll have plenty of time to show it off later!

    In the meantime, post pics of your new lovely so we can all drool!!
  5. You're a sweetheart for even thinking of that, such a good friend :smile:
  6. Wow! Lucky you!! What a wonderful hubby you have....definitely post some pics of that beauty! I would leave it at home just for the time is your ring to do as you please of course but I think you may enjoy your time out more if you weren't wearing it. That way you would'nt be thinking how she is potentially feeling about it and could enjoy yourself.
  7. u are a GREAT friend. I'd definitely leave that behind for that day and show it off afterwards :smile:
  8. Why not-I dont think it is right you have to make excusses for your husbands great taste after all it was his good choice.I would put it on and show it off:tup:
  9. This is a tough one. My initial feeling was to just wear it but then after reading other people's posts I think maybe hold off. It is really sweet for you to think of your friend and I am sure your dh will love you even more for it and not feel bad, he knows you love your new ring I am sure.
  10. I agree. Show us first! Congrats to you (and your girlfriend).
  11. I agree that you should not wear it. It sounds fabulous, though, lucky you!
  12. wear your ring, maybe just tell your friend ahead of time.
    But I would not be flashing it around, maybe just keep your hand low, and peek at it in your alone moments.
    congrats to you on your ring and your friend too!!
  13. You're very thoughtful. It's her party, let her have her moment. How would you feel if the situation were reversed?
  14. leave it at home. yes hubby would like you to show it off but it is not appropriate at someone else's party where she (and her ring - whether she likes it or not) and her so should be the centre of attention.
    If your so would like to show your ring off to your friends, you could always throw your own 10yr anniversary party :graucho::graucho: