HELP WANTED - MUST-HAVE: "BIG" Bag w/Matching Shoes Under $2,000 Within 24hrs

  1. I have a maximum of 24 hours to decide which bag I'd like but it'd be nice to have an answer before that.

    I'd like to buy something from their latest collection (or at least recent ones?) ... It must be a classic and/or BIG. I'd prefer Chanel (we don't get Chanel here so I'm pretty clueless), but other possible options include Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta (I know it'll be hard to make it fit under $2000 for the above 3 brands so the budget MIGHT be stretchable but only if I truly LOVE the bag), Gucci/Prada/Dior/Fendi/Tod's.

    So you have an idea of my taste & what I like, I love the following bags I found on this forum (I'm sorry I'm in a hurry so I can't just put up the images): (The Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen bag is, IMO, an 8) (The Bowler bag is, IMO, a 7.5) (The smallest one in post #11 is, IMO, a 7)

    AS FOR OTHER ALTERNATIVES (Not big as I'd like but cute): (The white bag - I give this bag a 7.5) (The red bag - I give this bag an 8)
  2. I love the bowler. It's plenty big, but I don't know if it has hit classic status yet. I think for your price range, you should definitely go with Chanel. You might even be able to get a wallet depending on the bag. However that bowler might be more than 2k. Swanky where you at? Dont you have a bowler?
  3. Oo thank you for the reply ... Yeah, except now my budget may have to go down to $1,500 ... :-/ (I need to get a watch as well.)

    Well it doesn't matter ... if I love the bag. Problem is I'm not the one who'll be picking it up - I'm gonna have to just provide a friend wiht the code and I'm not sure whether or not they'll look as beautiful in person as these bags look in pictures.
  4. Well how big do you want it to be? Do you want a tote? Maybe an LV? Or is your heart really really set on a Chanel?
  5. Well ... I don't have a Chanel bag as yet - I REALLY want one. Well ... if I'm stuck getting something other than Chanel then I'm gonna have to set a budget of $1000 and if it's Chanel - $2000 would be fine. As for size, well ... medium to superhuge? Like ... I don't know what to compare it to. The size of a newspaper, I guess?
  6. there's also the prada set that you esee on all the ads.. the set with the peep-toe boots. i dont know how much that comes up to but if i can get both the bag and the shoes...but still it's no chanel