Help Wanted/Hotels around Cape Cod

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  1. Wondered if anyone on here could help me. I am looking for 5 star hotels/resorts around the Cape Cod area. Any where from Sandwich to Chatham, Martha's Vineyard any where around their.

    I found a lovely place last year when I was looking to go, but did not go in the end and now I cannot remember what the name of the place was or what town it was in.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks
  2. Saichy!

    I'm a longtime yearly visitor to Cape Cod. Now, I just keep a townhouse there for such purposes.

    There are so many fabulous hotels on the Cape, and even more so if you include the surrounding islands. Can you give any more info?
  3. Just off the top of my head, though, I would take a stab at:

    - Waquasett Resort on Pleasant Bay
    - Charlotte's Inn on Martha's
    - Cliffside Club on Nantucket
    - The Brass Key in Provincetown
    - Ocean Edge in Brewster

    Any of these ring a bell?
  4. Hey, this is great. I'm peeking over your shoulder, saich, because we're going to MVY in September (we have resv, at the Ashley Inn, a B&B our son and wife stayed at), but we need an idea for Cape cod.
  5. The Dan'l Webster Inn in Sandwich is very nice - They have a spa too.
  6. Thanks for this information. I know the resort I saw was a top class resort right on the beach. I have a "thing" about 5 star hotels when I am on so any top class hotels would be an interest.

    What is the best 5 star hotel down their? I have seen a lot of Inns and BB but really want a top hotel.

  7. Just want to say a big thank you, had a look and it was the first one Waquassett resort, beautiful hotel. Thats the one I wanted knew a purseforum member would know, brilliant :yahoo:so my next holiday will be the Mandarin Oriental New York, Boston Harbour Hotel Boston then on to the Waquassett. Thanks again
  8. ^--- Glad to be of help!