Help wanted: Can't decide between YSL Med.

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Which one for everyday classic look?

  1. YSL black Cabas Chyc - med. size

  2. Balenciaga black Velo med.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Cabas Chyc and Balenciaga Velo - everyday black bag - If you are familiar with these bags, I am grateful for a response. Also, both classic?
  2. My vote is for the cabas chyc. I take it you would be getting one from the Slimane-era, which will have a shoulder strap that makes it messenger-style.

    The Velo is a lovely bag, but it has a more casual, hip vibe to it. The cabas chyc can be casual and hip, but also dressy and chyc.

    Best of luck!
  3. Please vote!
    Image 1.jpg Image 2.jpg
  4. To me, they are both two very different bags. The YSL seems like the kind of bag one would wear with a conservative, refined wardrobe. The Bal is a bag that I can see with a conservative wardrobe as well but can also be worn with very casual or bohemian type wardrobe. If you are in your mid 20's I recommend the Bal since it is a great casual vibe and carefree. Then again, my work wardrobe tends to lean toward refined/conservative, but my bags are all casual because I love the mix. I love throwing in one or two accessories in my wardrobe to "loosen" the affect.

    I know. I didn't help! :shucks: Good luck! They are both beautiful bags!!
  5. YSL, definitely.
  6. I'd pick the cabas, more versatile. And it's a beautiful bag!
  7. I would kill for ysl chyc this year because I already have a velo but...but...gee, you have damn good taste!

    Ok, velo is more relaxed and casual. Ysl chyc is cool too but still more refined but you can still use it very casually...tough to call. Can't go wrong with starting with either one!
  8. I love my bals but velo isn't really my style. I'm a city or part time girl. They are totally different styles. But between the two i would vote cabas chyc.
  9. The YSL!! Classic and will go with everything. I love the Bal too but between the two, I'd pick the YSL.
  10. I will definitely go for the YSL.
  11. I would definitely also go for the YSL.. It's to die for!! Perhaps also a bit more rarely seen than the Bal? Love both of them either way!
  12. I have Bal and YSL bags

    I voted for the YSL Chyc - it's a bag I could see myself (or anyone) wearing everyday and it's called ChYc because it is :biggrin:
  13. I prefer the Bal....but then I love casual bags....
  14. from YSL - now called Saint Laurent Paris - this worries me, buying a bag that could be considered irrelevant immediately. Thoughts?