Help Want to Get a Birkin in NYC

  1. I'm going to NYC in February. I want to get a Birkin bag!!!!! and like many of you fellow PFers I want my Hermes purchase to be special (IN STORE).
    I have been contempleting the odds of the avalibility of a Birkin in NYC. There are so many variables. The time of year b/c they might all be gone after xmas, and the size of the city b/c every girl and guy in NYC wants a birkin right! :nuts:

    So what do you think, what are my chances and do you have any tips on obtaining a birkin. Thanks a million.:heart:
  2. Chances are they might not have any, they are in a Birkin drought the past couple of weeks.
  3. uh-og, that's bad news....what about a kelly?
  4. that is sad. I was hoping to get lucky when I go next weekend.
  5. Zut alors:sad:
  6. What about in Feb!?!
  7. I popped in there today, no Birkins:crybaby:
  8. Actually Kelly's are hot now!!! But I don't know about Feb for Birkin's. Their stock is so unpredictable. They could have a good month with stock and then poof,. no stock. I know right now they are trying to get rid of their Kelly stock and are not going to get new ones in until those are gone. Unless they are SO's of course!
  9. they're keeping everything in the back room until Shopmom gets there on Monday.....:rolleyes:
  10. :hysteric: If this is true I'm going to have a B.F. :hysteric:
  11. LOL! took me a few to figure out what B.F. meant! :lol: :lol:
  12. :lol: really,.. I always use that tern,.. B.F., B.F.
  13. hehehe! I love that term too! I started using it after watching the movie "White Chicks".
  14. Most of August is vacation time in europe, as is part of December. The creaftsmen are few deliveries. by mid October and by Feb, there should be more stock.
  15. Score!!!:yahoo: