Help - Want to Find Legacy Stripe French Purse

  1. Has anyone see a legacy stripe french purse at any stores or outlets? I saw one on eBay, but I'm not sure I want to pay the current bidding price. Any suggestions or help would be very appreciated!

  2. Saw the same one on eBay and I never knew they were made. It is really cute. Have you called Coach's 800 number and asked if they have any in stock or can track any down in stores?
  3. Another hot item that sold out.
  4. I hadn't tried calling the 800 number, but I will give it a try.

    Thanks for the input!
  5. All the stores I've been too lately that saw mine say they are sold out.
  6. WOW! These french framed wallets are going like hotcakes. I love the stripes but I did not like the gold. I was going to get one but refrained when it came to the gold. But I do love it. I am thinking of getting it in Whiskey to go with my satchel.

  7. I called the 800 coach number and the rep said that they were completely sold out and wouldn't be getting anymore. I don't leave near enough to an outlet to check those out, though I do have to go to Vegas on business every so often so I could check there eventually.

    I am thinking about buying either the Whiskey in the framed wallet. I also considered the wristlet, but my only hesitation is that I'm not sure if it would work for all of my cards, IDs, etc.
  8. The whiskey wallet is REALLY cute with its baby pink interior!
  9. Chuggie. You better get to ordering. I have said this since November. This line is going to run out any day now. People already can't find what they want in the colors they want. Unless the powers to be at Coach decide to make more, than whatever is in the stores, on most of the October Legacy Line is about it.
  10. Chuggie, is the picture of your dog in your avatar a Puggle? He is adorable!!!
  11. I checked my local coach store in KS and they told me that they weren't getting in anymore whiskeys or legacy stripe products. I think you're right that I will just need to pull the trigger soon and make a decision.
  12. Actually, she is a chihuahua/pug mix that we rescued about 2 years ago (we often just call her chug). She is a velcro dog and very sweet, but also a lot of work because she thinks that she is in charge!:yes: She often bosses around our three other dogs that are much larger than her.