Help! Want to buy pearls...

  1. I am looking for a strand of white pearls, 14.5 in size, (or slightly larger). I have been searching for a few weeks and can not seem to find the perfect one. Does anyone know of somewhere I can go look, (without price gouging)?? I am in Los Angeles, but if there is a city near me, I might travel.

  2. Do you mean 14.5mm size (of the pearls) or a 14.5 inch length strand? Do you have any pics of what you have in mind? That's helpful.
  3. if you mean 14.5 diameter i assume you mean south sea pearls for those i strongly recommend a well well known brand or highly reputable jeweler whi is well aware of pearls and has knowledge as these can be considered investment pieces. and you can do really wrong with pearls and you won´t want to burn money
  4. Thank you lilach...
    I am hoping to find a reputable seller.... (not necessarily Mikimoto, but a very good strand)...
  5. I thought that was what you meant. I saw a TDF strand of white South Sea pearls at the NM in Charlotte yesterday! WOWZER!! Those puppies were pushing the 20mm mark. Don't know the price though.

    There was also a strand of Tahitians the same size. The price tag was actually flipped over: 80K :wtf:
  6. Pearls have gone up considerably the last couple of years. I saw a Mikimoto strand for 80K at a local Jeweler and 55K at the M boutique. So, I figure if I find a reputable seller I may be able to find my 'dream' strand without the M name and M price.....
  7. I've been out of the pearl loop recently. When did Mikimoto get into South Sea pearls?
  8. With the exception of my pink Akoyas, all of my pearls have come from Pearl Paradise, which has a showroom in LA, and American Pearl online. They have an excellent reputation in the business, and have been wonderful about doing custom work upon request.
  9. I'm interested in getting a pair of Tahitian stud earrings. Sorry if this is a silly question but is Tiffany's a good place to go? I really don't know anything about pearls but I have a pair of regular pearl studs from Tiffany's that I really love.

    Oh and South Sea pearls are amazing! Love them!
  10. While in Tucson this year I found some amazing, simply stunning, round Tahitian pearls and their WHOLESALE price was $20,000!!!

    My mom found three near round matching Tahitians, around 15 mm, for $500. I'm supposed to make her earrings and a pendant necklace but I need to get them drilled.
  11. I have had good luck with Amy's Pearls (Shanghai)...she carries fresh water, sea water, Tahitian, etc. Information is available online (website can be located by google)...she does trunk shoes from time to time in SoCal.
  12. That is so true, don’t know why but pearls have become a serious rip-off. I accept that there is this phenomenon called inflation but [real terms] price rises are becoming ridiculous. Five years ago I bought an 18-inch graduated 12x10 (i.e. 12mm maximum, 10 mm minimum) AA Mikimoto strand for about $27,000 equivalent. Now the last time I checked on the website you need $30,000 for a 16-inch 11.5x9. OK, admittedly the 11.5x9 is South Seas and my 12x10 is Akoya but very rarely do you get Akoyas that size (they was probably from either genetically modified or an alien molluscs, LOL) so surely this must cancel each other out. I’m thinking that because everyone is richer now with stable economies they stick higher prices on everything!

    But seriously I would have to agree as well that you need Mikimoto or anything that grade and no less because pearls are very, very easy; much easier than diamonds, to spot whether they are good quality or not. FL is the best diamond clarity grade but I can’t see a visual difference between FL and two steps down VVS1 or VVS2 to VS2 for that matter but the difference between AAA and AA is very noticeable especially because it applies to the entire surface.

    I’m sure that you can find an excellent strand of identical quality elsewhere but the reason I go Mikimoto is that I’m a bit of a logo whore when it comes to pearls. The small M charm thingy is the killer bit. It’s very subtle; you can’t see it from the front but everyone who stares at your nape will immediately know it’s Mikimoto! Also if you go for a reputable seller you may have to fork out for an additional ornate clasp so you may want to take that factor into account (it sucks like hell wearing a 58.5% platinum replacement clasp while I had the original ornate one cleaned).

    P.S. Mikimoto had their first South Seas farm in 1922
  13. Thank you all for posting..... My initial thought was to 'only' buy Mikimoto, and it now seems like that is exactly what I must do. Now, one thing I want to do is find an authorized Mikimoto dealer that discounts... lol ...
  14. gmel, give Perry's of Southpark in Charlotte, NC a call. They DO discount items, pretty well if your bargaining skills are good. They have a small selection of their stock at their website. Have a look.

    OMG! Check out that TDF South Sea white pearl ring!! ME WANT!!:hysteric:
  15. I don't mean to come off as a complete moron, but what exactly does it mean if pearls are "Mikimoto?"

    Is there a store called Mikimoto, or is it a popular pearl distributor? I bought a pair of pearl studs last weekend, and the seller said they were Mikimoto. So I'm just very confused.