Help - Want Bordeaux!!!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I need some guidance here. I know I might be a little too late in asking but would an of you have any idea where I can get a Bordeaux Blake and Bordeaux ZC?? I know there has been a lot of sales but of course, I was indecisive and missed them ALL.

    I bought a Bordeaux Christy from the Nordstrom sale and at first, I was happy with it but somehow, I cannot live with its super soft droopy nature. So, as soon as I get back to SF (I'm currently in Chicago for winter break), I will be returning that bag. I am hoping then to get another luscious bordeaux bag and I really want the blake.

    Any thoughts that might help?? Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I've been looking for bordeaux ZC for a little while - SA's here (SF) say there are none around. You are in SF too right? I think the Bloomie's in Westfield Center recently had some small MPs in Bordeaux. No blakes though.
  3. I think everyone is sold out. :sad: You could keep checking though in case there are any returns. If you are willing to pay full price you should call the MJ boutique. Otherwise you might have to wait for them to pop up on eBay. Good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find them!
  4. You could try to do a waitlist at Nordstrom. I just called the Washington Square store in Oregon, looking for a bag. The SA, Katie, did an item location to find the bag, but the stores listed did not have the bag. So she told me that she used the "waitlist" option, so that if the bag comes back into stock (probably a return), the system will notify her and she'll call me. It's a long-shot, but maybe worth trying. :shrugs:
  5. Thanks for all your help ladies! I will try to get on a waitlist at Nordstrom. I really don't want to pay full price on a bordeaux blake but since I snoozed and I missed out on the good deals, I might have to :crybaby:

    If any of you ladies happen to come across one, please, please let me know. I will forever appreciate it!!!
  6. Bordeaux Christy! :love: Be sure to drop us a line here when you return that bag! I'm sorry it was too slouchy for you. Good luck finding your Blake!
  7. I totally want this bag as well. Do any of you know whether they will be releasing more of these? Based on the Reference guide, I seem to think the Bordeaux Blakes were from Spring '07. I barely even see any Fall '07 bags around....
  8. ^ Bordeaux Blakes were from Fall 2007. Department stores will not be getting any additional stock. The easiest place to find them now is at the MJ boutiques.
  9. I don't know about the rest of you girls but I find it very very hard to find Blakes on sale, esp. if you want a particular color. I had been hunting high and low for the Bordeaux one for awhile to no avail about a month ago; the only reason i was able to get the bordeaux Blake this year is because a fabulous TPFer let me know when she had returned one. :heart: that was a pretty long time ago and I still had a lot of trouble finding one

    I think that if you want a Blake on sale, you might have to settle for another color at this point. But if you are interested in the bordeaux color, I have still seen some mini MPs floating around very recently and they are really nice too. Maybe even nicer than the blake, I almost bought one! Otherwise I agree that special order for full price is probably the way to go.
  10. wooohoooxi....i was just gonna post this for you....glad you got it!
  11. Thanks for all your help ladies!!! I am very excited to receive my bordeaux zc from shopbop. It was a great deal too at $197.50:yahoo:

    Aggie, thanks for looking out!!! I have been stalking shopbop and at last it paid off!!!

    Melly, thanks!! One more to go...let's see if I will be as lucky with this bordeaux blake since it seems that a lot of us are on the lookout for this...
  12. WOW congrats! I am so bummed I missed it. Great find! Keep checking the customer returns and maybe you will score again!
  13. Way to go xi_captain!! Congrats on snagging that ZC for such a great price!!