Help! Wang rocco order change

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  1. HELLO LADIES!!:biggrin::P

    I recently (last Sunday) bought a brand new Alexander Wang Rocco duffel in black with brass studs. I WAS GOING TO BUY THE louis vuitton damier azur neverfull mm, but well I think that the wang speaks for itself. I wanted a bag with personality and edge--nothing better that the AW infamous Rocco. So, I paid for the bag and on tuesday night I received a notice from the seller that said:

    " Hello as an added bonus your bag has a messenger strap!"

    I think that she is referring to the AW luggage, RIGHT? I really have mixed feeling about this. I thought that getting the luggage it's kind of nice since its the newer version and it has the strap, but I really dont plan on using it anyways. I wanted to carry this bag as a top handle and I will remove the strap anyways, so I dont know how the rings will look without the straps. On the other hand its not what I bought point and simple.

    Am I over analyzing the situation. Should I just be happy that I am getting the luggage or is it wrong to send something that I did not ordered???

    THANKS FOR YOUR TIME! :biggrin:

  2. You're very welcome. Can't wait for the reveal! :smile:
  3. Hey nmserrano, where did you order your rocco? I'm looking to buy one soon too, but having a hard time finding one where I dont have to pay full price =(
  4. I think "luggage" refers to the colour (brown) rather than the style of a bag (right?)

    If you are saying what i think you are saying them you will still be recieving a black/brass Rocco but the newer version with shoulder strap...

    I personally prefer the original versions and couldn't BARE the thought of those dangling bits on the side when removed the shoulder strap but if you can live with it then i guess you are all set :biggrin:
  5. platinum_girly: Thats why im so confused!!! I think I wont like those rings on the side, just there without the strap... omg I really dont know what to do :sad:
    you are 100% right

  6. Well if you purchased it on E-bay then just inform the seller that the item isn't as advertised, that you were looking to buy the original mini Rocco bag and that you would prefer a full refund in order for you to purchase elsewhere.
    Babe there is really no point in settling for something, you should have what your heart desires :biggrin: