HELP!! Wallet damage emergency!

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  1. Best not to keep leather in a plastic bag - it needs to breath. :smile:
  2. I brought my wallet to Singapore's BV boutique and they said they can fix it. I'm crossing my fingers now... getting it back in 3 weeks. I'll post some pix on the result.
  3. Woohooo!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. that's great news and excellent service from BV - we wouldnt expect anything less now would we :tup:?
  5. This is a good reminder to me to carry my hand sanitizer in a plastic baggie or plastic lined makeup bag. Alcohol is very, very bad for leather. It removes dye. There's an old trick for removing ink spots from clothing and that's to spray some hairspray on the spot before laundering. The reason that works is because of the alcohol in the hairspray.

    Good luck with your restoration!
  6. Wow that's great! Don't forget to keep us posted! Good luck! ;)
  7. Good news. =)
    I hope that it will perfect when you get it back.
  8. Good luck, bellezee. We're all crossing our fingers.