Help w/True Religion Jeans Sizing:

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  1. I usually just wear Billy (straight) in size 25. I want to get the JOHNNY (straight) -does Johnny fit the same as Billy?
    I'm ordering it online.
    Thanks :smile:
  2. I have both, and find them to fit the same.
  3. sizewise yes, johnny's are slimmer troughout the leg imo
  4. They are the same cut, both straight legs, its just that Billys have a flap pocket and Johnnys do not. However how they fit is a matter of the wash, not the cut. All washes fit a bit differently :smile:
  5. yes i would go for the same size .. i wear a 28 in both
  6. Another agreement on sizing - the same!
  7. yup they fit about the same, but my johnnys seem to be tighter around the calves.
  8. it really depends on the wash you have and the wash that you are planning to buy. can you give us more info?
  9. Thanks everyone, I own all size 25's in Billy (3 diff washes) I ended up ordering a 25 in Johnny Lonestar. (FYI: I own 25 billy in lone star also)

    Thanks again
  10. lonestar runs big, stretches out a lot.