Help w/ Suhali Lockit "Creases"

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  1. what size is it?? if it is the PM you can stuff something inside it or ask LV for the cardboard shaper they place inside it (it assists with giving it some structure) ...the MM does have the slouch factor to it due to the weight of hardware, handles etc pushing down on the leather and all you can do is stuff it with air-pockets or a pillow when not in use. Congrats on your suhali lockit as it is my fav bag:tup:
  2. hi there :smile: it's a PM. I had no idea they had shapers.. great idea! Hopefully the creases will come out soon. Thanks!!
  3. hi! im having the same problem with my new black suhali pm as well. did the shaper help with the crease marks? or did you find another solution? thanks!