Help w/ Speedy 25

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  1. Hi all, been lurking here for a while. Anyways.. just bought my 1st LV just an hr ago.. I'm in lurrrve!! Have a question :shame: , the bag came flat from the store and there's a crease line on the bag from being folded. (Am I making sense?) Do they eventually go way??

    How should I store it for now. Put some stuff in it so it will hold the shape and hang it by the handles? THanks for the advice... it's all new to me!!!
  2. Yes, the crease will go away. I store my Speedy with a towel stuffed inside to help it keep from getting squashed and creased.
  3. i store my speedy in its dustbag with air pillows stuffed inside so that it keeps its shape without adding weight...i woudln't hang it by the handles, just in its dustbag on a flat surface....
  4. As previously mentioned, towels will ease the creases out of the bag. I wouldn't advise hanging it by the handles either.
  5. I don't own a Speedy 25 but just wanted to say congrats on your 1st LV purchase! Trust me, this won't be your last! It's so addictive!
  6. Congrats on your first LV! :smile: I have had my speedy for almost a month and the creases are starting to go away slowly but surely..
  7. To be off topic a bit, I am thinking that my next purchase will be a Speedy 25 (Monogram). I've been having some trouble these last few weeks deciding whether I want to buy one new or "vintage"/"used" off eBay. The reason I am waivering is that I only love the Monogram Canvas with patina, and find that I would be too impatient to wait for it to deepen. But, my co-worker pointed out last night that I should get one new because a) the thought that it's someone's "oils" and "dirt" grosses her out, and b) it should age uniquely to me. So, I am now deeply torn. I know that I can count on your guys to give sound advice.
  8. Suli, I would get a new one.. Not because I think it's weird with someone elses oils and dirt, but because I want it to age uniquely with me :love: I bought I speedy 30 in the beginning of January and I love watching it change (not that it's changed much yet :P ).
  9. One month to get the creases out huh?! That's too long... Couldn't use my bag today.. It was raining :sad:

    SuLi-- get a new one... ! That way it'll be yr baby to watch as it grows up heheeh
  10. Did you get your blue epi speedy?
  11. I agree purchase it new. Place it buy a window and it will change quick enough.
  12. It didn't take a month for mine to lose the creases, just a couple days of carrying it. Another thing you can try is to stuff it with tissue or towels, and then place in a warm--not hot--area (put it in a sunny window, then you can work on the patina at the same time). Warming it up will help soften those creases too.
  13. True. The more you carry it, the more it oxidizes. I didn't carry mine for a while after I bought it (that is after the intitial week when I couldn't put it down!). I got it out again after a while and it barely had any patina. I've carried it more since and its starting to patina more.
  14. Mine still not going away.....and it is getting saggy
  15. I, too, just bought a Speedy today. (I bought the 30) The SA told me to stuff the bag at night and the creases will go away in a short time. She told me to use tissue paper. I don't know about that ... that's a lot of tissue paper! I think I'll use towels like you guys suggested.