Help w/ pricing ...

  1. I'm having a bag dilema! (Don't we all!) Been seeing all you gals w/ the City and I HAVE to have one.. :P Have to put my First up for sale though.. Checked on Ebay and there are soo many fake ones out there.
    Is $900 too high for a starting bid? Should I start lower and have a BIN price? Never sold on ebay before so all help is appreciated! Thanks..
  2. First question I would have is what season, color and condition is your First? I can help you from there
  3. I'd need more details on your first...year, color, condition, etc. BBags retain their value quite well, but your starting price should reflect the absolute lowest amount you could possibly take for it. And $899 looks better than $900 to potential bidders. I know it's silly, but it's true.
  4. It's an 05 Black (prob not one of the "hot colors huh?) in v. good condition.. I haven't used it too much. The tassles have split but I have the extra set.
    Thanks Ranskimmie and Lori :smile:
  5. is it spring summer 05 or fall winter? You can tell by the letter on the silver tag inside (A or Z?)
  6. The fact that it is 05 leather is a good thing. Hmmm....ask yourself what the least you can take for it is, and price accordingly. I'd probably not list it for more than $850 starting bid. I haven't sold a lot on ebay, but with the things I have sold, my auctions always do better when the starting price is as low as it can go. Of course, you have to remember the shipping, ebay fees and paypal fees. Good luck!
  7. I was thinking around $800 only because you can get a city same age and color for around $875-$950.
  8. Hatikuh- It's a Z.. sorry for the stupid question but does the season matter... is a certain one more "desired"?

    Lorib.. I was just checking out the ebay fees and such.. arrrgh.. what a pain and mess.. I will def take yr advice into consideration.. and I've also noticed when you start bids lower, more people tend to start bidding and then suddenly u get more than you wanted! (Watching LV auctions.. hopefully the same holds true for B-bags!)
  9. I was selling my Vera Bradley bags a while ago (thank God I am over that phase!*L*) and I had this one hobo that I listed twice for a starting bid of $35. No bids both times. I relisted it, exact same auction, except I dropped the starting price to $29.99. It ended up selling used for $47 and I only paid $38 for it brand new!

    You really need to mention in the auction how nice the 05 leather is and how in demand and desirable it is compared to the newer leather. Even when mentioning the split tassles, I'd say that is a common trait of authentic bags and some people prefer the split tassle look because it is a sign of authenticity. And of course, before listing, do an ebay search to see what other bags like yours are selling for. I am no expert but I have sold a few times in the past and figured out some stuff by trial and error.