Help w/Prada "Flower??" shoe sizing and info!!


c'est la vie!
Sep 4, 2006
Hello all! Sorry, since the search function is down, I am starting a new thread (I had posted this in the Prada Miu Miu forum, but only got 1 reply... so I am hoping to get some help from the glass slipper!!)

Since this Prada shoe would be hard to find in stores, I was hoping to get some help on the sizing b/c I think my only option is eBay now?? (If someone else knows where I may be able to get a pair, I would love any advice!)

I normally wear US size 7.5-8 (more 8 lately) and European 38-39. Do you feel that this shoe is true to size, runs small or large??

Normally, I am in different forums so I may have an incorrect name of the shoe. It may help if I post a pic (borrowed from eBay). Can this shoe still be found in stores or just ebay? And what is the correct name?

Thanks so much for all the help ladies!:ty:


Dec 26, 2007
Prada shoes run TTS.

For patent shoes, I would suggest sizing up a half size.

I just wore my new Pradas in a similar style and they fit very well. Incredibly comfortable too.

BTW, I bought them half size larger but they would have fitted very well in my usual size.

Get your usual size in the Prada flower shoes or a half size larger. They are sandals so the straps will accommodate any adjustments. In fact, if your feet is slightly wide, don't hesitate to go up half size. The strap is very sturdy and your feet will be very comfortable!