help w/ PERFO mono..........

  1. Ok I am totally loving the perfo stuff. I am thinking of getting the pochette and a cles or the plate. Does anyone have the cles and the plate and can take pics of them next to each other so I can compare the size difference. Also if you have the pochette and can post all three, that would be so great. Thanks!

    Oh and about a month ago I call 866 and they told me the fuschia cles was sold out but I'm hoping it's not, has anyone seen it lately anywhere??

    Also any idea how much the pochette and plate are, they aren't on elux.

  2. OMG, I'm so annoyed. I called a store in HI and they have the green pochette and cles but they won't ship them to me in CA cuz I don't have personal shopping history in their store.
    How the heck are people getting stuff shipped to them when they call the 866 number?? I actually want the set in orange not green but the lady said they are sold out...............WHY DO I ALWAYS MISS THE BOAT???

    Any chance any of you have seen these in orange anywhere????
  3. hi just wanted to let you know that they told me that i just got the last fushia perforated pochette.
  4. Most of the people who have been getting things from the HI store do have a purchase history there.
    Anyway, try the boutique in the Neiman Marcus in Fashion Valley. They had a couple of perfo items when I was there the other day.
  5. but did they say anything about it in orange........and how did you get it?? was it from 866 and are they shipping it to you?
  6. I know Valley Fair had pink and green Speedies. Not sure about the smaller items. You could also try the Stanford boutique as well as Neiman Marcus at Stanford too.

    I have the green Pochette and Cles, pictures are in my collection link on the first page.
  7. ok but will they ship to me without me having actually purchased something from their store??