HELP w/PEARL studs!

  1. Hi ladies! I just realized that my friend doesn't have pearl studs anymore, she lost one side and never found it. I think they were really nice pearls her boyfriend got her from Hawaii. Her 21st birthday is coming up and since pearls are a classic piece every girl should have, I'm thinking they would be the perfect birthday present! I don't know that much about pearls (quality, size, etc) and/or jewelry in general, so could anyone suggest some decent brands that makes some classic pearl studs at an affordable price? any help is appreciated! thank you!;)
  2. Mikimoto pearls are lovely and the ones I love the best. You can probably get a nice pair for about $180 - $200. Mikimoto pearls are graded according to quality so the better the quality, the higher the price. Also white pearls are much less expensive than black pearls.
  3. I love pearls too!! If you are on budget, don't go for brand name pearls, like Mikimoto. While they are beautiful, you are in part paying for the name, and you can find excellent quality elsewhere.

    In general, there are freshwater pearls, which would be the cheapest option, then Akoya (saltwater), Tahitian, and South Sea. This link: should also help. They acutally have really great pearls there also! This link: gives some info about the grading of pearls.

    I got my pearl necklace in the diamond district, but feel I could've done better online. There's alot of choices out there, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for!
  4. Just to add: I don't think you'd be able to find Mikimoto's for $200, unless they were tiny, Leelee, if you got them for that price, you are LUCKY!!! :yahoo:
    Here's the online store though
  5. What about The prices are really reasonable and they have some good data about the different grading, etc., that is very helpful.
  6. my mikimotos were about $320 before tax a few years ago in Hawaii
  7. Honora is another nice brand.
  8. ^ I have a set of black Majoricas that are 7.5 millimeters. They are beautiful. I forgot about that brand!
  9. HSN has chinese Akoya studs with 14k posts for <$100 and they're very pretty. They had a few different sizes and grades last time I checked...