Help w/ LV wallet repair

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me w/ my wallet. The leather in my bills compartment has a rip and is peeling the leather off. Do you have any suggestions for this kind of repair? Thanks.
  2. Hi, you can take it LV store and they can give you the estimate cost and how long it will take to fix it. I "fixed" 1 loose thread and cost me $40..and took them 8 weeks.
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  4. How long have you had the wallet for? LV will repair it for free within a year of purchase.

    I dropped off my wallet for repair (it needed reglazing) in August, and I got a call 2 days ago that it's back already! And I had to get it shipped from Canada to the US and back again. I'm going to pick it up today!

    But I agree with bagsnbags, just bring it into your local LV (assuming you have one) and they can take a look at it for you and if you purchased awhile ago... they'll at least be able to give you an estimate and you can decide from there what you want to do.
  8. Yes, the "glazing" is the stuff on the edges of your wallet/agenda, etc. I didn't know it was called glaze until they sent it in and on my repair order it said "re-glaze".

    I actually got my repair done for free because it was within a year of purchase, but I don't think re-glazing costs that much. I think if it had been more than a year, I'd be looking at around $30 CAD to repair it.

    You should probably bring it in and see how much it costs (or perhaps it's even free) to re-glaze those corners. The glazing helps keep the edges together and prevent it from possibly splitting in the future. My SA told me that I should get the glazing repaired ASAP when she saw the damage because she told me if I let it continue and the leather started splitting, they would not be able to repair it. I guess it's the idea of might as well get it fixed when the problem is small instead of waiting and waiting until the problem is so huge it's no longer fixable.

    Plus.. now I'm so excited cuz I've somehow tricked myself into thinking I'm picking up my "new" wallet at LV tonight after work! haha :lol:
  9. ^^ Hmm, I won't even know when will an LV wallet need to be reglazed... :P Is it obvious that you will definitely notice? If your SA didn't point it out, will you know? How about bags? Will LV bags need any reglazing? :P