help w/ ID this for pic...thanks

  1. what's the name of this bag? and any idea on price? pic taken from the reference library.

  2. Ultimate Soft
  3. It looks like the side profile of the ultimate soft. I think it costs about $1495.
  4. was it a limited edition? or will i be able to easily find them? any idea how much? thanks
  5. oh, that's perfect, fits right in my budget, are they easy to find?
  6. Chanel has made several versions of the Ultimate Soft over the past few years. You should do a search in the Chanel subforum, because there are lots of threads and more pics/info. Good luck!
  7. Not limited edition. It is a really beautiful bag and as y ou can guess, very SOFT! Just amongst my small group of friends, there are 5 (that is just in Seattle!) I would try calling the Chanel 1-800 number. Sorry I don't know it on the top of my head, it's on their website. Good luck!
  8. It is really hard to get one. I am still on the waiting list even after 3 months.:sad:
  9. hmm, i dont think they should be that hard to find! try calling Saks, Neimans and Bergdorfs...they usually can help you track one down. good luck!
  10. i can't get intot he website cuz i don't have flash :sad:
  11. what color are you looking for? and what size?
  12. I have it and if you do a search for "ultimate soft" I posted a thread with closeup pics of the bag. It's $1475 and lambskin, fragile but lovely!
  13. Very nice I considered buying the beige one. Good luck, hope you find it!

  14. i can't find the black one. i don't know how to search for threads. :sad:
  15. yeah, i'm thinking of the beige one too, but i'm thinking it may be too much maitenance, i'm hard on my bags, and have never owned a light color bag before