Help w/ id of coin purse/key fob

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I've been looking thru the reference threads and looks like what I have is a blue signature stripe key fob / coin purse (correct me if I'm wrong). Any idea what year this came out and what it retailed for?

    I got it as a gift so I don't know the details! TIA!
    coach-front.jpg coach-back.jpg
  2. it looks like a tie dye piece......not sure and can't vouch for authenticity,but hopefully someone will know for sure....
  3. I don't doubt authenticity as it was gifted to me by a close friend. But then again, I know very little about Coach items.. so I'm not sure how to go about pointing out authenticity? I've read that small accessories like this don't have a serial # either... however, there's a little metal tag that says COACH attached to the key fob. I don't know if that helps?
  4. Can't help but I so want that to go with my black/blue bag!
  5. I think meganlovescoach is correct - it looks like a tie-dye piece to me, but other than that I have no info on it.

    Very cute though!
  6. Its very cute, I like it too.