HELP w/ gold Chanel: Vintage lambskin OR quilted 2.55?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm quite a Chanel newbie and planning to get my first Chanel bag from a pre-owned designer bags store here in Singapore (sorry I am only 23 and have been working for less than 2 years :P). So I need advice from all the Chanel veterans out there. :biggrin:

    What I really want is a unique evening bag in gold, which I can use when I go to the clubs or at special occasions like formal parties, weddings, etc. I'm choosing between:

    1. vintage lambskin (8x4.75x2.5 with single 20" chain)

    2. limited edition quilted 2.55 (9.5x6x3 with double 11" chain)


    The vintage lambskin one is more bright gold and a bit smaller. What I love about it is really an attention grabber and it's vintage. Plus it's 35% cheaper than #2. My only worry about it is that it might look cheap/ tacky because of the very bright color, the absence of a flap, and its age.

    The limited edition quilted one has a unique gold-silvery tone and looks more elegant and a bit bigger too. I think it's quite new. I guess my only problem with it is it's much more expensive and a little less gold and more silvery than I would like.

    What do you all think? Please help! :biggrin:

  2. I would choose #2, it does look silver though. #1 does look kinda tacky, and I dunno about it being ALL gold.
  3. Thank you for the advice. Funny I just noticed that #1 is ALL gold now. No wonder it looks very bright.
  4. I think you'd get more use out of #2, it being a timeless flap and larger.
  5. 2.55 no doubt about it. get it!
  6. Limited Edition Silver's a beauty!
  7. I would go for the 2.55! :smile:
  8. Eeeee. Thanks girls! Didn't realize my taste in #1 was so awful. :P
  9. My vote is for the vintage gold! I'm a sucker for vintage Chanel :P
  10. Delish, I think the reason votes are mounting for the reissue is mainly color and size. It's probably going to go with more outfits than the bright gold and it can be day or evening; whereas number 1, would be a evening piece. (One could say more bang for the buck with no. 2, functionally speaking.)
  11. definitely no.2
  12. Get #2, it's stunning. #1 is cute, but it could look a little tacky if worn with the wrong outfit. :smile:
  13. definitely #2!
  14. Thanks for the advice guys. I think the second one is actually "light gold", which is more of the champagne/ silver tone.
  15. 2