HELP w/ filing credit card claim - TIA =)

  1. My parents mailed me a claim form recently for a claim I filed with VISA's Price Protection Program (I never knew there was such a thing until now) and there's some things that the claim is asking for that I can't provide so I need advice on what to do...

    The claim form asks for "The original printed advertisment showing the item, sale date and/or date of the advertisement, lower advertised rice. and advertising store name" and there's no way I can get that! There's no advertisements for designer handbags, most of the information is through word of mouth (or in our case, the computer) so how do I fulfill this part of the claim?

    Argh, who knew filing claims could be so frustrating. Thanks for any and all advice!
  2. Could you simply write that to them in a letter...and include the name/address/phone number of the store that was having the sale and the discounted price. Explain in the letter that designer handbags are not advertised.....they might just investigate it themselves and you'll get your cash back.
    BTW I have never ever done that on my merchandise before...I know I have that protection, but have never bothered....I should rethink that!