help w/ figuring out which one?

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  1. oops, NM @ Shops of Willowbend in Plano {Dallas 'burb}
  2. Swanky, the double incircle points is happening online too. Just order several pairs and return the ones that don't fit.
  3. they rang up one pair for me and ordered both. That way I get my points :biggrin:
    Today is also an extra 1k pts on your first purchase!
  4. I can't wait to see what you picked. YAY for the wallet on chain. I know you've been eyeing it.
  5. Swanky! Crossing over to the dark side I see! :smile:

    I definitely suggest the simples, which you already ordered so that's good. And, then you can definitely work your way up to very prives or numero prives! They are some of the comfiest high heels EVER.

    fmd, the red patent simples you got are so pretty! Swanky, those would be great for a nice pop of color!