help w/ figuring out which one?

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  1. ^^ Saks is also having their triple points event which I think starts tomorrow. Not only is it so difficult to resist the beauty of a pair of CLs, but add in a special promotion like triple points or an EGC and how can anyone say no?
  2. oooh chanel too! (i feel like a dog who's running to their owner and then see's something out of the corner of their eye and it's like "ooh a cookie" and takes off the other way. lol)
  3. Swanky - Here are my 70mm Simple pump in red, but they are the same ones Heather and Kamilla spoke about in nude. I got them at Neiman's. My local store didnt' have them in stock yet (SA transferred them in), but Dallas might! I haven't worn them out yet, but they are very comfortable when I try them on. I normally wear 100-120 heel height everyday. I was worried about them looking "squatty" but really like them. I know it also come is black patent.


  4. fmd, I still love those shoes! If my Neiman's doesn't get them in I will need to do a phone order!
  5. Swanky, good luck shopping. I highly recommend the yoyo 70mm which NM has in black, white & tan. I consider my food a bit on the wide side and they fit fine. The numero prive & very prive are comfy at both 70mm and 100mm imho.
  6. Here is a picture of the Very Prive (VP) kid leather 70mm heel. The platform is covered. I got the pic from the Barneys website. I know that Saks had the black patent a few months ago. Have your SA at Saks or NM call around for your size. Finding the right CLs is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It is amazing the effort we all put in to find our Holy Grail shoes! Good luck.:tup:

    BITE YOUR TONGUE!!! You will understand the CL MAGIC once you get your first. :yes:
  7. Swanky, I agree with the other ladies, the 70mm Simples would be perfect, and also comfy.
    Nice to see you here!!!:biggrin:
  8. i think the simples would be perfect! they are super comfy and a great staple to your wardrobe :smile:
  9. Swanky, can't wait to see what you end up getting.

    Also, nude is a really great color to get because it goes with literally everything.
  10. leaving now, wish me luck! I hope they have something in my size I can bring home!!!
  11. Can't wait to see what you buy, Swanky! :nuts: Welcome to your new addiction.
  12. Let us know what you decide. You will look hot. As usual!
  13. well drats! My instinct was right:cry:
    I liked a pair or 2 but of course they didn't have my size. They didn't have the cute hidden platform peep toes I was coverting, not even to try on.
    I did think the Simples{?} in 70mm were very comfy but I needed a 1/2 size larger so they're ordering those in for me. I'll try them and the hidden platform Chanel's together when thye come in.
    Maybe I should visit SAKS and see what they have? Or Nords?

    I did, however, score a Tory Burch tunic dress on sale and a black quited wallet on chain flap!:love:
  14. Can I ask what colors they had in the simple 70??? And where did you go? I have been trying to get my hands on those!!!
  15. I remember black. . .
    They had several colors actually, but I wanted either that yummy nude color or black so paid little attention otherwise.
    I worked w/ Wendy there if you want to call.