help w/ figuring out which one?

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  1. LOL! I'm decoding the posts. . . so 70mm indicates heel height, yes?
    The higher the # the taller the heel?
  2. Yes! For every 25 it is an inch if that helps!
  3. yes. 70 is about 2.5 i think. 85 is about 3", 100 is about 4 (slightly less). someone correct me if i'm wrong. i don't have any 70 cms but i tried on the no in 70 and i was very surprised how much i liked it. i wasn't as in love with the 70 simple as the heel is thinner and i liked it better when it was a little higher. but as an every day shoe they can't be beat.
  4. walking to dinner in Rome . . . 70's are probably my best bet I think.
  5. ^^70s are very comfy from what I have heard, although I don't own any. You'd be surprised at how comfortable the 100mm and even 120mm. There is currently a nude patent leather simple pump in 70mm at Bergdorfs and it is so pretty - that would be a perfect shoe for any occassion.
  6. ahhhhhh i agree!! they didn't have my size when i was there! i want a nude patent shoe! actually i want that in 85 or 100....
  7. are the ones w/ hidden platforms comfy?
    {sorry, don't know the names yet:shame:}
  8. The classic hidden platform shoe is the Very Prive - which is a peep toe pump or the Numero Prive which is a peep toe slingback. And yes they are extremely comfortable, especially considering that it is a 4+ inch heel.

    Some of the other covered platform shoes like the Rolando or Declic are not as comfy IMO.
  9. Swaaaaanky, so good to see you here. Yes, get started on that collection right away lady. Here is my recommendation:

    Black Pigalle 70s
    Nude patent Yoyo 85s

    Any color in the Very Prives (covered platforms) should be your 3rd pair. They have the 70mm, but I believe you will be prepared for the 4.5 inchers by then. lol They are gorgeous!
  10. Thanks you guys! Any 1st timer tips for shopping for them tomorrow?

    where's Michelle? Is she really banning herself?
    noegirl! :search: where are you!?
    I'm going to Willowbrook tomorrow:whistle:
  11. ^^Well, I say check out Saks for yoyos in nude patent. You will quickly learn that is a favorite shoe for a lot of ladies 'round these parts. I think it's because that shoe goes with pretty much anything!
  12. crud, SAKS?:blah:
    I'm a NM girl. . .
    SAKS can be my back up plan! LOL!
    There's some pretty Chanel shoes too, they can comfort me tomorrow if the CL plan doesn't work.
  13. Swanky - be prepared to spend a lot of time shopping for CLs because the sizing is so erratic. Definitely plan on trying a few different sizes in each pair you choose because the sizing varies significantly between different styles.
    I can't wait to see what you come home with...because I have a strong feeling that you will come home with something. :smile:
  14. I agree with Kamilla. Try to remember your size in the different styles, so later on when they get on sale you can grab them online.
    BTW - Nice seeing you in this part of the forum! :idea:
  15. thank you!:winkiss:
    I hope I come home w/ something! It's double INcircle points though. . . stock may be running low:sad: