help w/ figuring out which one?

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  1. I am not a shoe fiend:Push:
    But I would like to invest in a few core/staple pairs.
    I was shopping at a local upscale boutique yesterday andmy SA was telling me about her new Cl's and said they had a lower than usual CL heel and felt padded inside? She ordered them from SAKS.
    Sound familiar at all? She sais she doesn't like heels much but could jog in these! LOL!
  2. Yes!! Sounds like 70mm! Those are really comfy. Pigalles, Yoyos, Very and Numero Prives now come in 70mm. So do Simple pumps!! These are typically CL classics. There are other designs in shorter heels too but if you want classics, you should go for these. I personally love the Pigalles and Prives, not so much of Yoyos b/c IMO, the cutting is smaller at the toe box as compared to the Prives and they are not that comfortable.

    I'm so glad to see you here, swanky! We need to get you started on your CL collection! :lol:
  3. I pre-ordered some 70mm Simple Pumps. I'm excited about the lower heel. I'll let you know what they're like when they come in. I may be buying several pairs in different colors if they are as comfy as your SA says! I love the simple pump - they don't look as glamorous in the photos but boy, they really flatter my foot!
  4. You know, I didn't used to be a shoe fiend either, Mama Swank... That is, until CLs. :sweatdrop:

    The shoe you mention shoulds like they could be the 70mm Very Prive or Simples. They're both very comfortable, and I can certainly see the 'jog factor' in them... :yes:
  5. Black simples are probably the most versatile pair. Their heels are slightly lower.

    I think the real trick to getting a pair that's comfortable is fit! And also some foot petals.
  6. i saw go for simples! they are basic but not too basic. you say you're not a shoe fiend now...
  7. Wait, VPs come in a lower heel?

    Swanky, my VPs are my most comfortable pair!
  8. Do the 70mm Pigalles come in nude? If so, do the 100 and 120mm Pigalles come in nude as well? And where does one find Pigalles? I cant find them at either the Saks or the NM near me.
  9. now could be the key word Heather! LOL!
    Off to search for photos, thank you ladies!!!:winkiss:
  10. Swanky, I think we need a CL Reference subforum to the CL forum, with a thread for people to post pictures of each style, just like in the Chanel forum.

    'Post your VPs here', 'Post your yoyos here', etc.
  11. purly~
    70mm available on the Barneys site HERE.
  12. Yes, they do. They are at Barneys and Saks.

    The 70mm Pigalles in nude are/were available in Asia. The 120mm Pigalles in nude was found in the UK.

    It's nice to see the CL staples in a 70mm heel. My SA at NM says they are the ones that are guaranteed to sell out.
  13. Swanky-I recently purchased the python NP in 70mm, and they are super comfortable.
  14. :kiss:hey we will help you on the path to CL bliss.
  15. I think the pigalles in nude would be divine!!!!!! I have the simples in nude on pre order. Swanky let us know what you find!!