Help w/ Ebene please

  1. Ok ladies, I finally realized today that I'm definitely a birkin girl at heart. Love the kelly but honestly can't see myself w/ one for another couple of years. And I dallied with the idea of an HAC but I think a 32 might be too big & heavy for everyday fair. Unless it can be worn on my shoulder, I can't handle large bags. Not even considering a 28 as I prefer this design on the larger scale.

    After viewing many wonderful dark color samples, I've finally settled on ebene. The question now is which is better for a 30 cm birkin - Chevre Coromandel or Barenia? And what's the difference between the former and Chevre Mysore? Don't they use the latter for wallets? Hmmm, I wonder if this color is available in chamonix. Oh boy, the possibilities are endless. And please recommend hardware. Brushed PH, regular PH or Rhuthenium? Thanks!
  2. I am wearing a belt in ebene barenia today and have been rubbing it while reading your post.

    Ebene is so yummy and barenia is so good to touch and smell.

    Sorry for not helping!
  3. Pics please... Is it heavier than most leathers? I know barenia ages well. Too dark for rhuthenium or brushed palladium?
  4. YAY, HL!!! Welcome to the Ebene Lovers Club!!! Not sure if ebene comes in both mysore AND coromandel. I think only the latter but I could be mistaken. Coromandel is a little tougher and has more of a sheen to it than mysore too. Mysore is a bit softer, more pliable. And Coromandel has a more pronounced spine (I LOVE IT! Lol!). Can't help you with your HW options. I prefer gold with ebene:smile:)
  5. A spine?! What?! Where? Hmmm, how does chevre & barenia cope w/ water? And is there such a thing as matte ebene croc? Lol, I'm utterly hopeless
  6. I love Ebene as well, and am trying to figure out what leather as well!! But I think I'm settled on Palladium HW.
  7. Lol! I love ya, girl! Ok, the "spine" is the natural feature of the Coromandel goatskin and appears down the middle of bags. Here's a pic of Ebene in Chevre de Coromandel from eBay seller, Mighty Kismet. Doncha just lurve this bag like your flesh and blood?:love::love::love: You sure you don't want gold hw?? Lol! Don't mean to confuse you. But just look at it!:roflmfao:

  8. Chevre does well with water. I've handled my mysore small leather items with totally wet hands before and used my key holder out in the rain, didnt' even bother wiping it down afterwards, just chucked it back in my bag. There are no marks or anything:smile:)

    Barenia does get dark with water but if you wipe it off straight away, the mark disappears. I think if you leave the water on there, it may mark permanently but I dare not try, lol. I'm speaking for natural barenia, that is. I guess ebene barenia is pretty dark already anyway so water marks won't be as obvious?
  9. HL, you know I'm a total brown junkie, and among the H browns, I have to say that my favourite (non exotic) is Ebene! I've just sold a 40 Birkin in Ebene Clemence to a lady of the board, only b/c the size is too big for me, but I'm so in love with it, that I've already told my SA that the next 35 that arrives is mine! I haven't seen it IRL in either Chevre or Barenia; between the two, I personally prefer Barenia, but that's JMO, I'm not very fond of Chevre.....I don't think Barenia in a size 30 would be very heavy, last time I was at my store, I tried on a 30 Clemence Ebene, and being used to 35's, I found it extremely lightweight! And Clemence is considered quite heavy.....

    Anyway, whatever leather you choose, I think Ebene is gorgeous! I prefer it with palladium H/W....HTH
  10. Rhuthenium is really discontinued. I heard from my store manager this time, just a few weeks ago. The first time I heard this was from my SA last Sep.
  11. Serenety: That's gorgeous.....I love Chevre. The color in the photo almost gives the Clemence a slight red that due to the photo or would you say that is a characteristic of the leather? I'm comparing it to my Clemence Ebene....
  12. O-M-G this is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Focus On Blue Are Getting Weak!^^
  14. Shoot! You read my mind.:p I just want them all!