Help w/ denim Pchwk tote

  1. I know they are hitting the outlets now but I've heard they are still hard to get less alone find. So, I need you alls help, if any of ya'll see any at your outlet can you please PM me with what outlet it was & price (if you have it). I'm starting all my x-mas shopping early so I won't make myself broke buying all at once. LOL Thanks!!!!
    This tote (Pic borrowed from ebay)
  2. I've seen those already at I think Leesburg, VA outlet. I can't be sure if that's the outlet though but the only other outlet I've been to is the Hagerstown, MD one. I definitely saw it before at one of those locations. Not sure if it's still there and can't remember price.
  3. I know the Macy's around me still has these too. I don't know if they are marked down yet though.
  4. Bloomingdales had one of those available when I was there Saturday. They haven't reached the outlet near me yet.
  5. Thanks everyone....I think I'll check the Leesburg outlet this weekend. I might call & ask them to hold one until Saturday if they do get one in between now & this then.
  6. They had them in the Lancaster, PA outlet back toward the end of July. At that time, it wasn't marked down a whole lot - I believe it was $428 retail and $389 factory, but since they're probably getting in more things from the earlier fall stuff, I would imagine that price has come down a bit.
  7. When did you see kathy? I did not see at Hagerstown...but I haven't been to leesburg since memorial day weekend...maybe you saw it there? Unless you've been to hagerstown more recently than labor day when we got our scarf totes!!!
  8. have to drive to lancasater this weekend....of course....I probably should save my money for all the gorgeous new striped stuff.....
  9. Good luck finding one! I love mine. The new legacy stuff has caught my eye now...:smile:
  10. It must've been Leesburg then. I zoned out everything else when I saw the scarf print at Hagerstown. Do call first and check before going cause I can't guarantee it's definitely there. I am pretty sure I saw it at an outlet I went to recently.
  11. Thanks! I was just talking to my uncle about planning a trip there to go to the air and space museum at Dulles....a stop in Leesburg would be a MUST then since I'd be driving right past!
  12. Call first though. If it was there I know that lots of people are hovering around that line. I don't want you to make a trip and get disappointed. LOL. :angel:
  13. No worries....I know better than to expect something to be there...I'm just saying if I'm IN Leesburg anyway....a stop at the Coach outlet would be a must whether I knew there was something I wanted there or not...I can't be that close to an outlet without stopping in!:smile: :smile:
  14. I don't think that those are at Leesburg anymore. I only saw the pouches and wristlets like a month ago...
  15. So they were there then I guess.

    It doesn't hurt to stop by if you're in the area like you said though shelbell. Another thing to keep in mind is sometimes they have a bag in the back but none are out just like the hamptons black tote. I got it after the scarf prints are all gone and the lady went to the back and came out with large hamptons totes and I was like OMG! I grabbed one and ran. LOL.