Help w/ Camis/tanks for bigger chests

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  1. Has anyone here found a great cami/tank for under sweaters, sheer tops, hoodies, etc. . . that actually covers their chest?

    I'm not huge, but I'm a DD and everything stretches across and dips so low for me :sad: I end up tugging them up the entire day and it's really limiting what I can wear since I'm pretty much not wearing the ones I have anymore.

    Any tips?

  2. I'm only a C cup but I really like J. Crew's 'Favorite Tank w/ Shelf Bra'. It really helps hold you in. HTH!
  3. I have been wearing the long ribbed tanks from Old Navy. They are called perfect fit tank. My bra straps are thick so I like the width of the shoulder strap.
  4. I'm a DD as well and I invest in Gap camis/tanks as well as their T's. Hope that helps!
  5. Aeropostale has some nice tanks and camis. Abercrombie does too. Check out their websites, I think Aeropostale is having a huge sale today.
  6. and these are all cut nice and high?
  7. I am bigger than a DD mine do the trick.
  8. I am certainly not in your league, but didn't Shoshana Lonstien (Seinfeld's ex) start a clothing line for exactly this type of figure? Not sure if it's still around, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.
  9. Good to know shoe, thanks!

    ^I was thinking something similar, I was thinking there's some size specific websites, but I'll check the ones out that were recommended here.
  10. Victoria's Secret Body considers me a 34DD, and what I do for camis is just heed the sage advice of Stacy and Clinton, and buy them to accomodate the girls, and so far, I have had good luck with this strategy.

    Just get XL or even XXL, and especially after they've been in the dryer, they are not going to be loose and baggy around your waist.

    I do the same thing with tees and tops in general, I'm not really looking for a skin-tight fit, so sometimes the size is a medium, sometimes, L, etc, I don't really care what it says on the label if it fits!
  11. Swanky I have the same issues! Great thread.

    I wish that would work but there is no way I can wear a XL or XXL. I am a 32 F. My waist is 27 inches. I don't want a skin tight fit but I want a proper fit. When I put on anything larger than a medium it envelopes me and makes me look fat in the middle!
  12. It's so hard to buy something for a DD chest but a small waist. I'm too paranoid to buy something that stretches tight across my chest, so I buy tops a little baggy. But in doing that, the sides (around the ribs) and waist are too big. I look so much fatter than I really am because of it! I buy high cut t-shirts from Target for undershirts. I don't want to show cleavage - I'm too old!
  13. I wear hanes A line tanks size small...I'm 32 DD and a size 4 and these hug my waist/stomach and cover the girls nice and high!
  14. They are in the mens section at Target....FYI
  15. I bought some awesome tank/cami tops from Old Navy about 6 weeks ago.

    So cheap that I bought a half dozen:yes:

    I am a 34DD and have a fairly small frame, but these seem to cover a "full coverage" bra when I wear them under low cut V necks.

    I would NEVER wear these alone, but they are great for layering