Help w/calling a boutique

  1. There is a scarf that I've fallen in love with, the Jue Des Omnibus Et Dames Blanches, in the white and black. My local NM doesn't carry this style and after seeing some posts here and seeing some fellow Pf'ers wearing it....I'm totally in love and want to buy my very first Hermes scarf!!! YIPEEE

    My questions are......Should I call a boutique to order? Can I do a phone order? I will admit I'm a bit intimidated about calling...having never dealt with a Hermes SA in a boutique before. If anyone might be so kind to pass along any suggestions or a name of a great SA they have worked with, I would GREATLY appreciate it!! Feel free to PM me if you'd prefer not to list your SA's name in the post.

  2. You can buy it online ;)

  3. Are you serious?? I couldn't find it on the Hermes website....I was looking under scarves...even went through ever color. Where is it???
  4. Look under vintage scarves on the website.
  5. Loony and Dianagrace - Thank you SO much!! I'm such a dork---I can't believe it was right under my nose!
  6. ^^thank you!
  7. Just for future reference though-I have bought a bag and jewelry over the phone from various H stores in the states-cold calling-and they couldn't have been nicer. They even called three days later to see how the purchases had worked out.
  8. I asked about ordering over the phone in London and they said that's fine but they can only post to the card's billing address.
  9. YAY! Did you get it??? C'mon spill it- am I going to be seeing this at lunch one day soon?

  10. Not yet, I'm going to call around tomorrow and get one---or order online! I'm so excited!!!
  11. I'm excited for you sweetie! Let me know when it comes home!!!
  12. I wanted the Kelly Scarf after seeing it in one of the threads and called BH H - they didn't have it yet but they are waiting for its arrival.

    The SA (Diane) was very helpful and nice - she said she'll write down my name and call me they come in! And no I have never dealt with BH H before.
  13. yay congrats! and if you do call....making a relationship with a SA is good!