Help w/Bearn decision...

  1. My SA called and said she has an ostrich Bearn in Marron Fonce.
    My new ostrich Bolide is Cognac. Would you wait for Cognac or go for the Marron Fonce or another color in ostrich. I'm not really sure of the color difference of Marron Fonce and Cognac in ostrich...any ideas? Thanks!
  2. I would wait for the same color wallet. I am sure the right color will show up soon.
  3. I agree I would wait for the same color. I like that look.
  4. If you want the wallet to be ostrich, I would purchase in the same color. IRL, I would actually look for a leather wallet in a complimentary color.
  5. After giving this some thought.....I'd wait too. Usually, I like different colors/leathers for my bag accessories but in the case of exotics, I'd go for matching, Baby!!! Yep! :yes:
  6. I would wait too! It'll come...
  7. i say get it.
    Cognac is much lighter than Marron Fonce. So for a daily wallet, the ostrich in cognac might get darkened quickly, like the handles on ostrich birkin unless u switch wallets very often.
  8. I would wait... the cognac is much lighter, will show stains more than the bag.... (wallets are handeled more than the bags).
  9. Thanks for sharing your opinions on the Bearn wallet....maybe I should wait...just drives me crazy to wait if you know what I mean.:hysteric: