Help w/ 07 Ocean First

  1. Looking to buy my first Bbag and was really looking forward to the Ocean First (or the NM LE blue first) but the NM near me is now getting in the Sky Blue bags and leather is definitely not as nice. Any suggestions on where to find the ocean or NM LE first bag? Will stores still be getting shipments of '07 bags in?
  2. still has this style and colour. a lil over retail, though.
  3. Just checked and didnt see any first's in blue. Oh well, I'd also like the french blue or marine.... pretty much any color blue so if anyone knows where I can get my hands on one let me know! Thanks!
  4. oops, sorry for wrong info. i think those colours are htf now. if marine's already sold out, more so french blue. i suppose you'd have to check *bay auction sites. good luck.
  5. I could be wrong, but I think the NM LE was only available in City.
  6. I just spoke to my SA at NM and she said they have a first bag in blue from '07, but she's not sure the name of the color. She said the color code for it is 40. Does anyone know if this is the ocean blue or a different blue from 2007? Please help... I'm dying for this to be my first Bbag!!!

    Thanks girls and Happy New Year!!