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  1. MC Speedy in Black

  2. Limelight clutch in Copper

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  1. Which one do you like better?
  2. I voted mc speedy. The clutch is so big for it not to have a handle. it just does'nt seem practical to me
  3. I have the Limelight in Perle. I LVOE the bag, but not in copper. So I would choose the MC Speedy. Good luck deciding !!
  4. I tried on the clutch this weekend in perle....loved it, but when I put my stuff in...I just carry too much. I had trouble folding it to shut it and it was awkward in my hand. That's why I chose the speedy. I have 2 kids, too. A clutch is not practical for me. I really had to talk myself out of it!!! It's gorgeous!
  5. I agree. It's beautiful but maybe not practical.

    tooooo bad they just didn't make it a flap type (sorry my brain has been Chanel obsessed the past couple weeks)
  6. The Limelight is pretty but I think you'll get more use out of the Speedy.
  7. Thanks Rebecca- I guess it could be a really really pretty decoration! To me it just screams elegance. I love it- but in reality I don't have a use for a clutch- just the idea of having one...........

    but it's so pretty! I love copper type colors! And Im a huge sucker for metallics anything!!

    maybe I better just get it- it's LE and I'll regret not getting it in the end...
  8. i absolutely adore the Limelight (esp. in copper), but I really think you'd get more use out of the Speedy. So I voted for the Speedy!
  9. I voted for the black mc speedy
  10. Limelight clutch in Copper.
  11. i'm not a limelight fan (maybe b/c i never saw it IRL) so i voted MC
  12. You can never go wrong with a Speedy! And I saw it last night! It's soo stunning!!
  13. the Limelight Clutch is beautiful, but the fact that it allows you to put so much into it will only make it cumbersome to carry. it's like carrying a big floppy fabric envelope. you'll get more use out of the Speedy
  14. I voted for the limelight clutch! :tup:
  15. I am loving the Limelight clutch... I'd buy that first since it might be sold out soon...