Help ! violet city owners

  1. I just received my new violet city RH. I was doing my inspection of
    the bag and find in the back of the tag where it says '115748 2123
    made in italy'. The stamp is not clear on mine for 'italy', I cannot
    tell it's a 't', the 't' and 'i' look almost the same on my tag. Do yours have the
    same problem ?
  2. I've seen imperfect stamping underneath the tag from time to time. Do you have a pic of it?
  3. Anybody ?

  4. Yep mine's the same, I'm not concerned though
  5. I don't think it is anything to worry about....looks OK....
  6. Thank you both bern and menopausalmama !
  7. is it possible that the same code is on a ruby rh city 2009? 115748.2123 on the back tag?
  8. my black city is stamped with 115748 on one side and 115784 on the is being talked about the numbers as authenticity criteria, so i wrote Bal ( i got the bag off and they called me saying that can happen from time to time, they have other ways of figuring out the authenticity so i shouldnt be bothered... so i dont think that the T and I are anything to be concerned about :smile:
  9. don't waste your time being concerned with that

  10. Ruby is from 2008, i have a sanguine 2009 with the same code:confused1:
    i'm sure it's authentic because i have bought in Milan bal boutique, so i think it's possible!
  11. Thanks :heart: