Help! Violet City or Violet First?


Violet First or Violet City or Both? Or wait for something else?

  1. Keep a Violet First and Violet City

  2. Exchange Violet First for Violet City

  3. Keep Violet First and Wait for Pretty Red City

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  1. Hi - I just bought a violet first which I love and it provides me with a cute small going out bag with pop of color. Problem is it is too small as an everyday bag, so now I am thinking about getting a Violet City for this purpose - because I LOVE the color. I have a Black City already, which I use alot because the size it great and its just, well, easy.

    Question is - keep the Vfirst and also get the Vcity? Or would that be too much of a good thing and I should wait for my everyday pop bag to be something else? Like a red city if Bal ever makes a color that comes close to RT!
  2. I just went through this very same thing! I have a violet city that I love and I picked my violet first up today. I absolutely love this color and the leather on these bags is so good! Violet city is a great everybay bag and the first is a great small/evening bag w/a pop of gorgeous color. Get and keep them both!
  3. i'd definitely keep both since it's such a versatile color:smile:
  4. I voted for keep the First and get a City. I love purple and went Violet mad this season as well; picked up a Mini-Compagnon, Shoulder, Day AND Twiggy... I know... :shame: ah well... I also know I'm going to cherish these babies forever. Violet leather is TDF and it matches with so many colors. It is also quite versatile of a color where it can be dressed up or down. Best of Luck with your decision.
  5. I voted to keep both because I love love love this color ~absolutely yummy~. If I could I would have one of each style in this color!
  6. Wow, I thought I was unusual but I bought both a violet city and a first. I was on the waitlist for the first since May and I got it and I realized I can't use it for an every day bag because it is too small. I LOVED the color so much that I got a city too.
  7. I voted to return the First for the City :love:

    I think more of the violet is better, plus I am a sucker for the chevre :yes:

    Either way though, you just can not go wrong!!!
  8. I say exchange the first for the city... since you find it more versatile... wait for another color for your 'pop' of color in a First IMHO... I find the violet color so versatile that its a shame to just use it for "going out"... need to be taken out every day! good luck with your decision!
  9. i'd exchange the first for a city..................
  10. i would exchange for a city. it is more of a everyday bag. and i love the violet in the city style.
  11. OK- I guess I'm the odd man out! Keep the First! I have one and I have been using it for two straight weeks. Yes, I had to pare down the insides of my bag=no vitamins,cleared out wallet, and no doggies( just kidding) But they can fit into some bags!
    If you can keep both , then go for it. Did you try to use it for everyday? I even got a waterbottle in my First- I don't carry it,just to see id I could fit it!
    You can't go wrong with Violet, and it will definitely become a classic!
  12. update: I went ahead and ordered the Violet City too! I would like to keep just one of them instead of both...but then again we are all addicts here and when she arrives not sure I will be able to choose! Thanks for your help and I will keep you posted!

    P.S. The First is Agneau and the City will be Chevre. Will be interesting to compare the two side by side in the same color!
  13. The First for everyday is waaaaay too small for me, even pared down! But she is a perfect size and color for a rock n roll night out, or on vacation instead of a bum bag!!! The color is too pretty though to just use for special occasion, which is why I am having this dilemma...:shame:
  14. I voted to return the First for the City.
  15. I say keep the violet